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Human Genetics courses in India

  • Since February, 2013- Assistant Professor, Human Genetics Unit, Biological Science Division, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India.
  • November, 2008 - January, 2013- Post Doctoral Fellow & Research Fellow (Full Track Employee), Gene Regulation Section, Laboratory of Metabolism, National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA.
  • 2006 - 2008- Scientist II, National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases (ICMR), Kolkata, India. Biomedical Informatics Centers of ICMR.
  • 2002 - 2006- PhD JRF & SRF (CSIR), Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata, India.

Award and Fellowships

  • Travel Award for poster presentation at the 5th International PCB workshop in Iowa City (2008).
  • Senior Research Fellowship from CSIR, Govt. of India (2004-2006).
  • National Eligibility Test (CSIR), Junior Research Fellowship from CSIR, Govt. of India (2002-2004).
  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering from IISc and IITs on behalf of the National Coordinating Board-GATE, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Govt. of India. (2002).
  • National Scholarship from Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of India (1998).

Scientific Services

  • Editorial Board Member in Frontiers in Bioscience
  • Managing Editor in Frontiers in Bioscience: Special Issue "Noncoding RNA, epigenetics and gene regulation". (
  • Reviewer in the following Journals

o Journal of Molecular Endocrinology

o In Silico Biology

o International Journal of Integrative Biology

o Indian Journal of Microbiology

o Frontiers in Bioscience

Softwares Developed

  • Design-Island (Chatterjee et al., BMC Genomics, 2008) and
  • miRSearch (Chatterjee et al., Acta Biochimica Polonica, 2006)

Oral Presentation (selected)

  • Invited speaker at Workshop on Chromosome Biology organized by NCI Center of Excellence in Chromosome Biology, 4th June 2010: "A New Function for Methyl CpG: Creating a C/EBP Binding Site that Activates Tissue-Specific Gene Expression"
  • Main Speaker in "Workshop on Biological Databases." National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases (ICMR), Kolkata, India, 30th May, 2007
  • Invited speaker in Colloquium of Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India, 8th September, 2006: "Unsupervised detection and assessment of statistical significance of Genomic Islands in pathogenic micro-organisms"
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