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Genetics degree in India

The world has come to realize the miracles of Genetic Engineering, in agriculture - higher yield and better varieties of crops, in medicine - diagnostics and cures that were only a dream a few years back. It's in the news. It's everywhere. It is the backbone of biotechnology. The opportunities for a genetic engineer in clinical and applied genetics today and in the future are boundless. Started in the year 2004, the department aims to produce genetic engineers who excel in the field of genomics and gene manipulation. Towards this end, the department has brought together state of the art laboratories and a highly experienced and dedicated team of faculty.

The department takes immense care to impart:

  • Knowledge in a highly interactive mode
  • Hands-on training in advanced molecular techniques
  • Cutting-edge research opportunities within the campus



The B. Tech. program in Genetic Engineering comprises foundation courses in Biology and Engineering. Unique courses like Biology of Vectors, Recombinant DNA Technology, Gene Therapy, Genome Mapping, Stem Cell Biology and Microarray Technology are offered by experienced faculty.

Students' seminars and assignments are designed to be highly challenging, which paves way for the students to bring out their intellectual and interactive skills in analyzing scientific problems. The students are required to do research as part of their curriculum and submit a project report. Some of the research projects being carried out by the students are:

  • Sequencing of chloroplast genome
  • DNA barcoding of organisms
  • RNA interference in plants
  • Screening for LUX Genes among marine organisms
  • Molecular diagnosis of viral pathogens
  • Ultra-sensitive magnetic biosensor for cholesterol
  • Invitro Micropropagation of orchids
  • Production, purification and optimization of industrial enzymes
  • Study on plant metabolites for anti cancer activity
  • Direct bioethanol production from paddy straw
  • Purification of curcin from the seeds of Jatropha curcus
  • Drug delivery using polymers
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