Human Genetics Degrees

A strong undergraduate background in science is required for human genetics.A strong undergraduate background in science is required for human genetics.

If you decide to get your doctoral degree in human genetics, you will become an expert on the generational tendencies of hereditary genes and how they impact biological tendencies. Medical conditions, diseases and birth defects are connected to genetic propensities, and possible cures or prevention strategies are linked to this field of study. Admission requirements vary by institution but usually include submission of GRE scores, letters of reference and a master’s or bachelor’s degree with advanced math and science courses. Among the institutions that offer programs in this discipline, several regional options are available.


The University of California Los Angeles has offered a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Genetics since 1998. Most students enter this program as a result of earning a master’s degree in molecular and cellular life sciences or the medical scientist training program. Students take courses such as biological chemistry, seminar in human genetics, ethics and research. All students in this program are required to serve as a teaching assistant. Most will teach Life Sciences to deepen their understanding of basic genetic principals. A second teaching opportunity is aligned with the personal interests of the student. This is an added benefit for students who desire to be a college professor or obtain a post-graduate fellowship.


The Ph.D. program in human genetics at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee prepares students to apply genetics to human biology. Students are engaged in 72 credit hours, 24 of which must be completed at Vanderbilt. A unique aspect of this program is that students initially take general courses and then apply to a specific department at the end of their first year. This enables them to work with an academic adviser to create a personalized plan of study that fits their personal research interests. Vanderbilt also offers a human genetics training program that prepares students to be researchers in human genetic variation and phenotypic implications.

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