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Geneticists study the processes whereby characteristics are passed on from generation to generation. Genetics provides a framework for understanding all living processes on the planet from microorganisms and viruses to plants, animals and indeed ourselves. The basis of these processes reside in the nature of the genetic material and the way in which it is replicated, repaired and decoded to make proteins within cells.

Molecular genetics seeks to understand the nature of inherited characteristics at a molecular level in terms of DNA and RNA structure and sequence and factors that influence gene expression. The principles and techniques of molecular genetics apply throughout biology and medicine and now form the core of our understanding in these fields. By studying molecular genetics you will develop generic skills and gain practical experience that can be applied widely in the field of genetics.

WHY STUDY MOLECULAR GENETICS AT KING'S? King’s is justly famous for its contributions to molecular genetics. The cornerstone was the solution of the structure of DNA in which Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin of King’s played a fundamental role and resulted in the award of a Nobel Prize to Wilkins (alongside James Watson and Francis Crick).

This expertise in molecular genetics teaching and research has continued at King’s for over 50 years. In this time the study of molecular genetics has advanced rapidly and expanded on a number of frontiers, and this is reflected by the variety of experts in the field available at King’s who contribute to our teaching.

Your studies are guided to ensure you gain a complete understanding of all aspects of the molecular genetics of a variety of organisms, with particular emphasis placed on human genetics, the study of genetic diseases, the use of bioinformatics and the acquisition of laboratory-research skills.

The Molecular Genetics BSc at King's is carefully structured to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the science in the first two years, before allowing you to select specialised topics at the forefront of current molecular genetics knowledge in the third year.

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