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Genetics degree plan TAMU

Having a career goal in mind enables students to choose the most appropriate undergraduate curriculum and electives. Keep in mind: some careers in biology require advanced or specialized training.

B.A. in Biology

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree program, through the availability of a large number of electives, gives the student a broad base in biology. A minor for the B.A. degree usually requires a minimum of 18 hours, 6 or which must be in advanced courses and in a discipline other than biology. The B.A. program is recommended for students who intend to pursue further education in completion of requirements for teacher certification.

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B.S. in Biology

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology is designed so that students obtain a comprehensive, solid foundation in the branches of biology combined with a suitable measure of individual flexibility. This degree plan is recommended for students seeking teacher certification, preparing for biological graduate programs or any professional program (medicine, dentistry, etc.)

B.S. in Microbiology

The degree program in microbiology if designed to provide a comprehensive education in the biology of microorganisms. A graduate of this program will have a thorough grounding in the classical areas of microbial physiology and biochemistry, microbial genetics, and in developing areas such as the molecular biology of microorganisms. This curriculum provides excellent training for a career in any one of many areas of industrial microbiology and public health services. It is also an ideal preparation for advanced study or professional school in medicine, dentistry and other related fields, especially medical technology.

Degree Plans/checklists [Cat 138 (2015-2016)] [Cat 137 (2014-2015)] [Cat 136 (2013-2014)] [Cat 135 (2012-2013)]

B.S. in Molecular & Cell Biology

Students who select molecular and cell biology as their major will receive a strong background in the cellular and molecular aspects of biology with a particular emphasis on higher organisms (eukaryotic plants and animals). This major provides an appropriate foundation for a career in biotechnology, genetic engineering, M.D./Ph.D. programs or basic biological research.

B.S. in Zoology

Zoology deals with all aspects of the study of animals from physiology and anatomy to ecology and systematics. Students with this baccalaureate...

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Elga Elga ULXXXGEM2 Purelab Ultra Genetic Water Purification Unit, 18.2 Meg-ohm Resistivity, 1-3 ppb TOC, 2 Liter per Minute, 75VA
BISS (Elga)
  • Point-of-Use Type 1 polisher. Requires pre-treated feed: DI, RO or RO/DI feed. For example from Prima, Option S/R, or Pulse or central system.
  • System includes: real-time TOC monitoring; DI purification capabilities; ultrafiltration module for RNase, DNase, Endotoxin, particulate and bacteria removal; dual...
  • Does not include purification pack. Must purchase two packs separately for start-up (only one pack required for change-out). Recommend LC182 Purification Pack.
  • Timed dispense settings and volumetric profiling from drips to 2lpm flow.
  • PureSure technology ensures purity beyond 18.2Meg-Ohm, down to parts per trillion levels.
Laser Hair Removal Home Use Ipl Skin Rejuvenation Machine 50000 Shots By Koi Beauty Collor White
  • *Best Mini ipl for personal use:1)hair removal & skin rejuvenation 2)5 shots life time 3)7 cm2 big spot size 4)7J/cm2(max)
  • *Speckle dispelling: genetic freckle, age pigment, sunburn, deep freckle, birthmark and deep deformation pigment
  • *Skin rejuvenation: shrink pores, whiten skin, remove red blood streak, whelk sore mark and smooth small wrinkle of the face
  • *Remove hair: armpit hair, beard, the hair of limbs, temple, and the part of Bikini
  • *Advanced non-stripping, non-damaging soft skin technology, remove speckle, hair and make soft skin simultaneously.
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