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Genetics degree plan

The Masters Degree in Health Care Genetics trains scientists and professionals with interdisciplinary competency in human genetics, disease identification, laboratory diagnostics, health care ethics, and regulatory issues in the clinical laboratory. This degree crosses multiple departments on the Storrs and Health Center campuses and is appropriate for post-baccalaureate students with degrees in the life or clinical sciences who wish to pursue career advancement or opportunities in companies, laboratories, or health centers whose mission is to identify, treat and/or prevent human disease.

Individuals may be interested in the Masters Degree in Health Care Genetics, if they want to:

  • have an edge in today’s increasingly competitive global job market
  • typically earn more money over the course of their career than with BS degree
  • play a leadership role in the evolving field of genetics
  • acquire additional skills in health care genetics
  • increase opportunities for promotion and advancement
  • change their academic or occupational field
  • prepare for graduate school or other educational option

It is the goal of the Masters Degree in Health Care Genetics to provide the didactic, experiential and cohort components such that our graduates can:

  • Apply knowledge of basic patterns of biological inheritance and variation to understanding the etiology genetic diseases and health conditions.
  • Identify interactions among genes, environmental factors, and behaviors, and their roles in health and disease.
  • Apply knowledge of genetic principles and genomic technologies to improve quality of health-care through the diagnosis, screening, intervention or prevention of disease and the maintenance of health.
  • Understand that health-related genetic information can have important social and psychological implications for individuals and families.
  • Identify resources available to assist those seeking genetic information or services.
  • Discuss interdisciplinary issues related to the impact of genomics on health care.
  • Demonstrate good basic laboratory skills.
  • Locate and use appropriate search engines to retrieve primary literature in health-care genetics.
  • Effectively communicate with colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Critically appraise current literature.
  • Demonstrate professionalism, respect, compassion and integrity.
  • Interact with colleagues and health professionals in a respectful manner.

Plan of study

  • 17 credits of conceptual coursework
  • 8 credits of practical coursework (laboratory or research experience)
  • 8 credits of professional master’s cohort courses for a total of at least 33 credits.

Three faculty members of the University of CT will be appointed to serve as the advisory committee for candidates for the Masters Degree in Health Care Genetics. The Advisory Committee will assist the student in the selection of courses best suited to meet career aspirations. The student must prepare a Plan of Study containing the courses to gain mastery of the body of knowledge of the field and those best suited to meet career goals. The advisory committee and the Executive Committee of the Graduate School must approve this plan of study.

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