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The application of molecular biology in medical sciences has led to huge advances in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Students choosing to study course will enjoy a modular course that delivers both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for research in the field of modern medically-related molecular biology.


A 1-year taught MSc program consisting of 3 semesters.

Semesters 1 and 2 will deliver 120-credits of taught theoretical and practical modules covering a broad range of topics in medically related molecular biology. Summer semester will consist of a 4-month, 60-credit laboratory based research project with dissertation.


  • Medical Biotechnology
  • Medical Microbes Viruses & Parasites
  • Human Immunology & Disease
  • Bioinformatical Analysis Tools
  • Medical and Molecular Laboratory Techniques
  • Stem Cells in Therapy & Disease
  • Genomes & Molecular Genetics
  • Research Project Preparation Plan
  • Research Project

Research Project preparation Plan: Students are assigned a research project supervisor and specific-project. Project preparation topics covered include scientific report writing, seminar and presentation skills and the background literature knowledge/practical experience specifically required for individual research project and thesis.

Research project: Projects are run in the Robert Edwards laboratory and the laboratories of the North West Cancer research Fund Institute and focus primarily on the areas of stem cell and cancer biology.

Aims and Objectives

  • Impart a broad understanding of modern molecular and genetic theories and practical aspects of medical science.
  • Develop an ability to critically interpret and evaluate self-generated and published scientific literature and data from the fields of molecular biology, genetics and medical sciences.
  • Develop the intellectual, practical and communicative skills to undertake and present self-generated molecular and/or medical research.
  • Develop the ability to apply and if necessary adapt scientific methodologies and problem solving skills to unfamiliar scientific problems.
  • Develop the ability to undertake a predominantly self-reliant approach to molecular, genetic and medical research.
  • Impart a life long ability to learning, and a professional approach to science.

Entry requirements

English language: IELTS level of 6.0 (or equivalent) with no single element lower than 5.5.

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