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Genetics programs online

The Stanford School of Medicine and the Stanford School of Engineering have created a new online professional certificate program in genetics and genomics. The Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate is offered through Stanford Center for Professional Development within the Stanford School of Engineering. Courses are taught by faculty from Stanford's Department of Genetics, a leader in the fields of genetics, genomics and personalized medicine.

“These online genetics, genomics and medical courses provide both a solid foundation and advanced exploration of cutting edge technologies used in the field, " said Dr. Michael Snyder, Academic Director of the certificate and professor and Chair of the Department of Genetics at Stanford School of Medicine.

Participants may take individual courses within the program, or earn a Stanford professional certificate in genetics and genomics by completing two (2) core courses and four (4) elective courses in topics such as biotechnology, stem cells, cancer, gene therapy, pharmagenomics, and biology. The self-paced courses employ online lectures, videos and exercises, and may be taken at any time anywhere in the world.

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Pet Products (Mars Veterinary)
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  • MDR1 testing; Direct testing for the mutant MDR1 gene (multi drug sensitivity); Results can assist in the prevention of serious adverse drug reactions
  • Adult weight range prediction to help you make appropriate nutrition and diet choices
  • Breed insights to help you provide a better training program, understand behavior
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