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Nature Biotechnology Impact Factor

  • Lahner, Brett, Jiming Gong, Mehrzad Mahmoudian, Ellen L. Smith, Khush B. Abid, Elizabeth E. Rogers, Mary L. Guerinot, Jeffery F. Harper, John M. Ward, Lauren McIntyre, Julian I. Schroeder, and David E. Salt. 2003. Genomic scale profiling of nutrient and trace elements in Arabidopsis thaliana. Nature Biotechnology. 21(10):1215-1221.
  • Beachy, Roger, Jeffery L. Bennetzen, Bruce M. Chassy, Maarten Chrispeels, Joanne Chory, Joseph R. Ecker, Joseph P. Noel, Steve A. Kay, Caroline Dean, Chris Lamb, Jonathan Jones, Charles R. Santerre, Julian I. Schroeder, Jim Umen, Marten Yanofsky, Susan Wessler, Yunde Zhao, and Wayne Parrott. 2002. Divergent perspectives on GM food. Nature Biotechnology. 20(12):1195-1196.
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