“soft landing” in biotech

Nature Biotechnology 5 year Impact Factor

Thomson Reuters have just announced the 2008 Impact Factors. Nature is the top journal in the multidisciplinary science category by all Thomson Reuters’ new metrics: 5 year Impact Factor, Eigenfactor and article influence score. It is also the top of all journals in the Journal of Citation Reports (Thomson Reuters, 2009) listing (n=6, 598) by Eigenfactor score. Here are the 2008 Impact Factors for the Nature journals that publish primary research:

Nature 31.434

Nature Biotechnology 22.297

Nature Cell Biology 17.774

Nature Chemical Biology 14.612

Nature Chemistry N/A

Nature Genetics 30.259

Nature Geoscience N/A

Nature Immunology 25.113

Nature Medicine 27.553

Nature Materials 23.132

Nature Methods 13.651

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