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Biotechnology University of Ottawa

Biotechnology uses living organisms to produce goods. It includes the large-scale preparation and use of enzymes, the industrial application of genetic engineering, the manufacture of chemical or pharmaceutical products by cell culture and microbial fermentation, the biochemical processing of food and industrial-residue treatment. This is one of Canada’s major growth industries. Cheese, yogurt and beer are all biotechnology products. So are insulin and the chickenpox vaccine, which have saved or improved the lives of millions.

The Biotechnology program gives you an excellent grounding in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, mathematics and chemical engineering. To acquaint you with specialized techniques and equipment, lab work is given a high priority. In the end, you come away with the tools to explore both the life sciences and environmental science.

Two degrees

The Faculty of Science (biochemistry) and the Faculty of Engineering (chemical engineering) jointly offer this program leading to two degrees, a BSc in biochemistry and a BASc in chemical engineering.

After you graduate

With your degree, you can work in biotechnology firms, research laboratories or hospitals. Our graduates are involved in genetic cloning, the development of pharmaceutical, agri-food or cosmetic products. Many go on to do graduate studies. Get more information on career options on the SASS career website.

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