Biogenetics African Mango Super Fruit Diet

There is no denying it, we all want a super diet pill that actually does its job. The fact that Super African Mango 1200 is so transparent could either be amazing or amazingly horrible. Based on our past experience with other diet pills, we don’t actually know which. What do we mean by transparency? We mean that

the Super African Mango 1200 formula is comprised of 1200mg of African mango. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Is African Mango Actually Going to Help You to Lose More Weight?

African mango is a somewhat obscure ingredient that most people have never actually heard of, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying this type of product. On one hand, African mango is relatively new to the market, and who has ever really heard of a fat burning superfruit? Acai is the closest we get, and that turned out to be a joke.

On the other hand, there are already several human clinical trials that seem to prove that this ingredient can burn fat. So far, human (not rat) trials show that African mango burns fat, suppresses appetite, and even controls a weight loss hormone called leptin.

African mango is currently the only ingredient that has ever been “proven” to control leptin, and that includes prescriptions and illegal chemicals. If this is true, then African mango has to be one of the most impressive products we’ve seen in a while. Combine that with the cholesterol lowering benefits (African mango does have a lot of fiber), and it’s fair to say that African mango may be breaking new ground. No wonder Super African Mango 1200 is so stuck on this one ingredient.

Does Super African Mango 1200 Actually Give You The Benefits of African Mango?

If any diet pill is going to give you the benefits of African mango, it’s Super African Mango 1200. Clinical studies have used 150mg to 300mg, which is more than manageable. We have seen tons of products popping up with 150mg doses. Super African Mango 1200 on the other hand promises 1200mg of pure African mango! That’s more than enough to match the studies and more than we have seen in any other product on the market today.

Is Super African Mango 1200 a Reliable Weight Loss Supplement?

The Super African Mango 1200 formula confirms that you will get 1200mg of African mango, which seems to be more than enough. This ingredient has been clinically proven after all. The only problem we see is that this product seems to put all their eggs in one basket. If African mango is all it claims to be, then great.

On the other hand, if Super African Mango 1200 doesn’t actually cater to your body’s needs, then you’re stuck. You don’t have green tea or other clinically proven weight loss ingredients. We assume that African mango is proven, but you will still be stuck wanting something more.

Safety Issues with Super African Mango 1200

Super African Mango 1200 has a ton of fiber, which means that you may have a problem with diarrhea at first. However, Super African Mango 1200 does not have any stimulants, which means no jitters, trouble sleeping, or other caffeine related side effects. Diarrhea or any other side effects associated with fiber will pass, leading to certain health benefits. We don’t really see the downside in the grand scheme of things.

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Interesting facts
Health Direct SLIMit with Meratrim Fat Loss Weight Management Supplement (800 mg, 56 Gelatin Capsules) from Health Direct
Health and Beauty (Health Direct)
  • Contains Meratrim, plus Trans-Resveratrol, Chromium, and N-Hance
  • Increases Fat Burning
  • Reduces Fat Storage In
  • Prevents New Fat Cell Formation
  • Supports Healthy Insulin Within Normal Levels
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