Animal Science: Sustainable

Animal Genetics degree programs

Animal genetics focuses on breeding and genetic manipulation, usually for livestock and other food-related animals. Learn about the field, potential coursework and how to pick which program is right for you. Schools offering .

What Animal Genetics Degree Programs Are Available?

Master's and doctoral programs in animal genetics offer a curriculum that focuses on animal breeding for livestock and other food-producing animals. Through a master's degree program, you may prepare yourself for research positions as well as hands-on breeding and genetic manipulation careers. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs prepare you for advanced work as a clinical research professional or professor.

To prepare for higher levels of education in the field, you need to complete a relevant bachelor's degree program in biology or animal science. You may consider a biology program if you're interested in the scientific principles of molecular and cell biology, while animal science programs focus on the realities of farm and agriculture management.

What Courses Will I Take?

Through a master's degree program in animal genetics, you may take courses in animal populations, statistics, animal behavior, gene mapping and genomics. You may also have the opportunity to specialize in areas like immunology or molecular genetics, or in specific animal breeding like poultry, sheep or swine.

Both master's and Ph.D. programs commonly offer a great deal of academic freedom, where you can choose to specialize in a given area of animal genetics and work with a faculty member or advisor to create your own curriculum. Through both master's and Ph.D. programs, you'll be expected to compose a thesis or dissertation based on your chosen area of specialization.

As an undergraduate student in a biology degree program, you'll be exposed to fundamental concepts involving molecular and cellular biology, organic chemistry, genetics and ecology. Animal science bachelor's degree programs allow you to take courses relevant to genetics and breeding, like nutrition, animal production and animal genetics.

How Can I Choose a School?

You may consider enrolling in a program with up-to-date, on-campus research facilities for observing and studying the molecular, cellular and genetic materials for animals. Access to animal breeding facilities may also be useful if you're studying genetics in relation to mass animal production.

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