M.E./ M.Tech

Marine Biotechnology Syllabus


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World oceans ans seas – ocean currents – physical and chemical properties of sea
water – abiotic and biotic factors of the sea – ecological divisonsof the sea – history of
marine bilogy – bioecochemical cycles – food chain and food web.
Phytoplanktons – zooplantons – nektons – benthos – marine mammals – marine algae –
mangroves – coral reefs – deep sea animals and adaptation – intertidal zone – fauna
and flora.
Marine pollution – biology indicators ( marine micro, algae) – biodegradation &
bioremediation – marine fouling and corrosion.
Medicinal compound from marine flora and fauna – marine toxins, antiviral and
antimicrobial agents.
Important of coastal aquaculture – marine fishery resources – common fishing crafts
anjd gears – aquafarm design anmd construction.
1. Recent advances in marine biotechnology volume 3 – M.Fingerman, R .
Nagabhushanam Mary – Frances Thomson.
2. Recent advances marine biotechnology volume 2 – M.Fingerman, R .

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