HyperStealth Biotechnology s

Phantom Bogey™; Hyperstealth's Deceptive Decoy Technology

Hyperstealth's "Quantum Stealth" (Light Bending material) Mock-up. These photos are to show the Media the concept, for security issues we cannot show the actual technology. Phantom Bogey is the opposite of Quantum Stealth technology where a decoy target appears to the enemy when in fact there is no actual target present at that location.

Think of it this way - the Girl's top half shown in the photo above left would be what we wanted you to see when in fact no one was really there.

(March 22) Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. President/CEO, Guy Cramer, announces another breakthrough the company refers to as "Phantom Bogey" where a military can deceive the opposing force with full scale decoys where the simulated decoy moves as if it was real, will show up as a target to battlefield optical sensors and will reflect a laser target designator allowing the real personal and equipment to remain hidden or at least mixed in with the decoys diverting fire and focus away to provide higher survivability for the real counterparts.

In the dictionary a Phantom is described as an appearance or illusion without material substance, as a dream image, mirage, or optical illusion (1). Whereas a Bogey is an unidentified aircraft or missile, especially one detected as a blip on a radar screen (2). Combining the two we achieve the perfect decoy, Hyperstealth's Phantom Bogey comes across as both a target and with substance but it is in-fact neither.

Hyperstealth is a successful Canadian camouflage design company with over three million military issued uniforms and over 3000 vehicles and fighter jets using their patterns around the world.

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