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B.Sc. Biotechnology Colleges in Kolkata

BiotechnologyIs one of the top career choices made by students in India. There are lots of career opportunities in this field. Graduates can seek employment in chemical industries, agricultural sectors, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Professionals in this career can also opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges. Bio-technologists can seek employment in research laboratories, which are run by government or private sector.

Professionals can seek job opportunities in private sectors such as food processing and agro based industries, pharmaceutical farms and aquaculture. Environmental experts are also employed in different government agencies and private institutions. Biotechnologists can also opt for science writer in media houses.

Some job options: -

  • Energy production
  • Chemicals experimentations
  • Waste management
  • Food processing
  • Environment control
  • Public funded laboratories
  • Bio-processing industries
  • Drug and pharmaceutical research

Remuneration: -
Biotechnology is a rewarding and promising career option. The compensation of a biotechnologist working in ra esearch organization or a public sector industry is set according to the government standards. Professionals employed in corporate houses and industries can earn handsome salary. A graduate trainee in this field can initially earn around Rs. 15, 000 - 20, 000 every month. Professionals working in private colleges can earn good salary depending upon their experience. Fresh IIT pass out graduates working in corporate sector can earn salary between Rs. 70, 000 - Rs. 85, 000 per annum.

Some of the biotechnology companies in India: -

  • Excel Industries Limited, Mumbai
  • BrainWave Bioinformatics Ltd., Chennai
  • Catalyst Pharma Consulting, Mumbai
  • Hi Tech Bio Laboratories, Pune
  • Aristo Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mumbai
  • Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
  • Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, Kerala (RGCB)
  • Biotech Consortium India Limited, New Delhi
  • All India Biotech Association (AIBA), New Delhi
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