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Genetics Postgraduate Australia

  • UNE is an excellent environment to undertake postgraduate studies in genetics. It offers:
  • Supervision by scientists of international standing
  • Exposure to a range of different genetic areas through the concentration of high-profile groups and projects located within and around UNE
  • Contacts with industry and national and international partners
  • Up-to-date facilities and resources

What will I gain?

The principal aim of postgraduate studies is to develop specialist knowledge and research skills in a chosen area of science.

Postgraduate study is a self-motivated undertaking, with full support from supervisors and the faculty in which studies are undertaken. Postgraduate studies also provide the opportunity to develop additional professional skills such as problem solving ability, communication skills in writing and public speaking, interpersonal skills, adaptability, and leadership skills.

Both Masters and PhD programs in Genetics are supported at UNE. Postgraduate students can be directly supervised by partners external to UNE through adjunct appointments within UNE, creating efficient and transparent study conditions.

How do I enter postgraduate studies?

A Bachelors degree with Honours Level I or Level 2, First Division is a prerequisite for PhD candidature. Depending on the area of interest prospective postgraduate students identify an academic staff member with similar interest or with appropriate skills to discuss their research interest. This first contact person will be able to give professional advice on the general study approach and also help identify appropriate supervisors and co-supervisors who will oversee research and publication of research results in thesis and research articles.

Once an area of study has been confirmed funding possibilities for the candidature can be identified. Usually, the student applies for funding, with the guidance and assistance of the supervisor.


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